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You Need a Bigger Vision

The best vision I’ve heard belongs to Elon Musk. His vision for SpaceX is “humans will live on other planets”. The mission, then, is to revolutionise space technology. Elon illustrates this visually with two giant images hanging in the SpaceX lobby: The left is Mars today — a red baron planet. The right isn’t earth. It’s what Mars might look like once Elon’s finished terraforming it. You can imagine walking in to the office each day, seeing those images, and being massively inspired. We’re building another freakin’ planet! I’m certain SpaceX employees make large personal sacrifices to push towards that vision. (And the company’s output suggests that’s true.) In fact, inspiring visions are how you pay for your best people. In the early years, you can’t afford market salaries. You pay with vision instead. Why should someone on half a million dollars at a massive tech company come and work for you? You have to inspire them that it’ll be worth more than money. Compare the

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